Arena Rector (Eugene Fit)

Arena Rector variants involve the use of the card Arena Rector in order to cheat out Planeswalkers as powerful threats. Different variants of this deck exist, including variants that play both Arena Rector + Academy Rector as well as fair versions of Nic Fit with the Rector package.

History of the Deck

Upon the spoiling of Arena Rector, already several members of the Nic Fit community including Nick Major and Mr. Miyagi were developing fair Nic Fit Rector lists. Joseph Dyer also worked on fair Rector lists alongside them, coining the name “Eugene Fit”. In addition, people such as Caleb Durward experimented with “8 Rector” lists utilizing Eureka on Magic Online. As such there is a small variety of lists even within this specific archetype.

Sample Decklists

Core Deck Construction / Play Style

Core Cards

Sideboard Construction

Outside Links

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