Helpful Acronyms

Legacy is by no means an easy format to learn!  Often times you will find “Legacy afficianados” make references to shorthand names of cards or acronyms.  Instead of just nodding along blindly (like I did :)) the following guide should be helpful, with a focus on those you might hear more when speaking about Nic Fit.

“Scooze” – Used to reference the card “Scavenging Ooze”

Scavenging Ooze

“DRS/Dr.S” – Used to reference the card “Deathrite Shaman”

Deathrite Shaman

“Zenithable” – Being able to be searched via the card “Green Sun’s Zenith”

Green Sun's Zenith

“Edict effect” – Referencing a card’s ability to force a target player to sacrifice a permanent (often a creature).  See the card “Diabolic Edict”.

Diabolic Edict

“Vet” – Used to reference the card “Veteran Explorer”

Veteran Explorer

“Wish target”/”Wishboard” – Referencing a the “Wish”-cycle of cards from the set Judgment.  These cards allow players to search for a card that they own from outside of the game to use in the current game.  In competitive settings, “Outside of the Game” has been defined as the Sideboard a player has registered for the tournament.  See the card “Burning Wish”.

Burning Wish


If there are acronyms or references that your playgroup uses or that you hear that you do not know the answer to, please reach out to one of the admins and we will be sure to add it to this cheat sheet!