4 Colour

Playing 4 colours in Nic Fit generally means both colours are a light splash off a Green-Black core. Because the deck runs basic lands, a 4 colour mana base is hard to make work, and at times this inconsistency can cause issues. This means that in order for splashing a fourth colour to be worth it, we need to be reaping some real benefits.

Fortunately, every ‘splashed’ colour in the deck brings its own unique benefits. They also all have their own weaknesses, which can be shored up by combining them.

  • Red provides the powerful, versatile tool of Kolaghan’s Command and the grinding tool of Punishing Fire. With Punishing Fire comes the ability to more easily play Liliana of the Veil. Grove of the Burnwillows does put more strain on the manabase, however, so a build including R is likely to only be doing so for Kommand. Slaughter Games and Blood Moon are also options out of the sideboard, though both have lost some stock recently. Red tends to be lacking in answers to combo decks and large creatures, so splashing a 4th colour helps with both of these.
  • Blue gives us access to two of the best value creatures in the game, in Baleful Strix and Leovold, Emissary of Trest. Leovold also is a zenithable piece of combo hate, which is not avalilable elsewhere unless we want to shut off our own spells also with Teeg. Jace the Mind Sculptor is a powerful haymaker, although he does cost a lot of blue mana in a 4c deck. Cantrips can also smooth the draws of an inconsistent deck. Blue’s weakness is usually finishing the game, something both other splashes can assist with.
  • White lets us cast Swords to Plowshares, which helps stabilize against fast aggro better than the other colours’ offerings. White also gives us additional sideboard options, like Qasali Pridemage, and more powerful finishers in Sigarda. Unlike blue, white’s efficient planeswalker threat – Kaya – only costs a single white mana, which means she is much more easily splashable.

This gives us these three options in 4 colour builds:

WBRG (Saskia) – this build puts the pressure on. Usually here you’re in a Junk style build which runs a lot of aggressive creatures – like Siege Rhino – and then has Kolaghan’s Command to shore up the combo matchup and recur those threats. Previously this colour combination was used in ‘Punishing Rhinos’ builds to grind through fair matchups. One of the strengths was the ability to play Slaughter Games, which was a powerful tool against Miracles at the time. However, Miracles has diversified its threats since then, and other decks are more prevalent. In addition, the printing of Lost Legacy has made the red splash far less relevant.

UBRG (Yidris) – This is a more grindy midrange build. Again you’re recurring cards with Kolaghan’s Command – only this time it’s Leovold and Baleful Strix. This build is absolutely drowning in card advantage with those cards – however, actually finishing the game may be more difficult. You may want Carnage Tyrants in there, or potentially other finisher packages like Fierce Empath into Primeval Titan, which combines well with Kommand.

WUBG (Atraxa) – here you’re very much controlling. Value creatures and cheap removal stabilize the game, and then Sigarda finishes it. You have a few more 1 for 1s with Swords compared to Kommand, but you make up for it with a bit of extra speed for that early stabilization and the additional percentage points you gain against combo from being able to play Leovold, Karakas, Swords, and other tools which help those matchups out while being entirely live against fair decks. This build is also the only one that could reasonably actually play its namesake – Atraxa is a zenithable Baneslayer Angel which is really a problem for some decks. However, in the current metagame, with Karakas, Strix and Fatal Push in a reasonable number of decks (and the rest are fast combo), she doesn’t do what we need our angels to do sadly. Stick to Sigarda for now.

Another pathway with the “Atraxa” colours would be to combine the value of Nic Fit with the power of Nyx Fit.  Specifically, although less consistent, this variant provides the ability to combo and lock your opponent out in suprising fashion or you can grind out a longer game due to the power of Planeswalkers and Leovold.

Sample WUBG list